Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology Has Changed the Industry

Nowadays, its impossible to find someone that doesn’t use the internet.  With that being said, the internet has changed the way real estate gets bought and sold.

Today, over 95% of all home buyers start their search for real estate online.  Whether they are searching for the newest homes for sale or trying to get a value for their current home, the internet has changed real estate for ever.

Real Estate Listings

Today, it is commonplace for a home buyer to search the internet for homes for sale.  In most instances, the first real estate websites that come up are the national real estate portals such as Zillow, and  Although these websites do provide a slick way to browse listings, they generally do not provide access to the entire listing database of homes for sale.

Direct MLS Access

If you want the most accurate listing inventory when searching for homes for sale, you should avoid the nationwide real estate websites.  You want to use a real estate broker website that has a direct connection to the MLS.  The MLS is the Multiple Listing Service and is the depository for all real estate listings in any particular area.