Information for Home Sellers

Marketing Plan

The following are ways in which we will market your home:

Listing sheet – I will prepare the pertinent information about your home for marketing purposes.
Multiple Listing Service – Your home will be featured on the MLS to provide other agents access and information so that they may show your home to prospective buyers.
Photographs – I will photograph your home both inside and out within just a few days. These photos will be used to showcase your home on flyers and in print ads.
Tour Day – Your home will be shown on the local MLS tour day, so that agents of prospective buyers will have the opportunity to preview.
Yard Sign – An Intero sign with my name on it will be promptly placed in your yard. I will be marketing your home in a number of ways, but the Intero sign is a proven method in attracting buyers. My direct number will also be on your sign, so that prospective buyers can reach me easily.
Showings – Salespersons from my company as well as cooperating brokers will want to show your home. An appointment should be made in advance with you.
Follow-Up on Showings – I will call you frequently to ask you for the names of agents that have shown your home. I will call these agents directly to get feedback on your home. I will follow up with you whenever there is any pertinent information.
Internet – I will showcase your home on my website as well as Zillow and I will list property features and include pictures of your home. Prospective buyers will be able to reach me directly through email from my site or through Zillow and
Promoting your home – My clients enjoy a full spectrum of promotional opportunity, including but not limited to, neighborhood card mailings, open houses, international relocation services, and classified advertising

Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis, or CMA, is a real estate agent’s evaluation to determine the probable sale price of a property in the current market. This analysis is based on the most current local listing and sales data. Sellers can use a CMA to help determine a list price. Buyers can use a CMA to help them decide what to offer on a listing they want to buy.

The accuracy of the analysis will depend in part on the quality of the data. The listings used for comparison should ideally be located in the neighborhood, and they should be as similar as possible to the subject property. In some cases (e.g., similar homes in large tracts) this is straightforward. In other cases — unique locations or custom homes — an accurate CMA requires a great deal of REALTOR® insight.

Lisa Hall will prepare for you a CMA that includes information about currently available comparable listings, pending sales, sales that occurred within the last 6 months, as well as information about listings that did not sell during the listing period (expired listings).

For sellers, the currently available listings are your competition if your home goes on the market. How you price your home relative to the competition is critical to the success of your marketing efforts. Lisa Hall routinely previews houses on the market, and can advise you as to how your home compares before you select a list price.

Pending sale listings in your neighborhood represent the most recent sales activity, although pending transactions sometimes fail for a variety reasons. Beware of the neighborhood rumor mill. A combination of wishful thinking and enthusiasm can result in an inflated “price”. The actual sale price may be quite a bit lower. And, that price is rarely made public until the sale closes.

Expired listings usually bound the high end of the market’s price point. The most common reason why an expired listing didn’t sell during the listing period is that it was priced too high for the market.

Any real estate agent’s knowledge of the local market can affect the accuracy of a CMA, particularly in a neighborhood with a lot of variability in the housing stock. Unless the agent has actually seen the comparable listings, he or she may not draw the correct conclusions.