Being Creative with Real Estate Marketing

creative real estate thinking

Creativity in the World of Real Estate

Sometimes, budding homeowners have needs or simply “want” things that are, if not outright unusual, quirky to say the least. Realtors, in these instances, have to get creative to find the right properties to match these people’s interests so that they can buy a home with little or no hassle.

Being Creative in the world of real estate
Being Creative in the world of real estate

One Example of Creativity in Real Estate


Let’s say there’s a beautiful NOLA property directly under the path airplanes use to take off and land at a major airport. It might have every amenity possible, but almost no one would want such a home. The creative Realtor, however, might know a deaf client who would love such a home and who would not suffer from the deafening aircraft roar. Likewise, the owner of such a property would probably despair at ever getting a reasonable offer, but the creative Realtor could match buyer and seller together for a distinctly positive result.


Innovative Thinking


Certain clients might have financial difficulties that make their quest to buy a home more stressful than it needs to be. A Realtor should maintain a good relationship with mortgage brokers. There is no “one-size-fits-all” mortgage. All mortgages involve APR, payment amount, and duration of the term, but not all of them have the three in the same balance. Working together, the Realtor and the mortgage broker can devise a loan that meets the client’s needs.


Many sellers will accept conditional offers as long as one of the conditions isn’t, “I have to sell my home first.” In a world where such offers are sometimes swept aside by sellers enamored by people making unconditional offers, the forward-thinking Realtor knows that unconditional offers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

real estate rights
Understanding Your Property Rights in a Real Estate Transaction


Banks may not appraise the seller’s home at the perceived value or, worse, may change the appraisal in midstream. Worst of all, despite a pre-approval, the lender may suddenly decide that the property, for whatever reason, doesn’t “measure up” and rescind the approval. The “unconditional” tag counts both ways. Realtors can leverage these possibilities so that their clients can make conditional offers, even those that require the sale of the buyer’s current home first, that are more likely to be accepted.


Innovative Digital Marketing


With almost everyone that is buying or selling a home using the internet at some point in the process – modern online marketing for real estate cannot be overlooked.  When we look at some of the most cutting edge techniques in modern digital marketing for real estate, the options can be overwhelming and all entail some level of expertise. Some of the more modern digital marketing tactics include:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Google Ads for Remarketing to clients that have visited your website

Content Marketing – which includes the creation of original content and syndication of that content

Social Media Advertising – targeting your clients with ads on Social Media.  Social Media marketing is all the rage and there are tons of different ways to leverage social media to market a home or a brand on social media.

YouTube Videos – May Realtors today create videos about real estate and upload them to YouTube to build their brand.  They even have videos advertising digital marketing for real estate.


Choosing the Right Help


Whether clients want to buy or sell a home, the circumstances are never quite the same from sale to sale. Both Realtors and mortgage professionals of all kinds must be flexible and able to think on their collective feet. Potential clients should vet the professionals whom they plan to enlist in their battle against the world of real estate.

The laws of real estate are surely stuffy, lengthy, and cut-and-dried, but that doesn’t mean that the right savvy, quick-thinking, and solution-oriented professional cannot make the process pleasant and successful for all parties involved.

Choosing the Right Agent



Protecting your rights regarding the largest investment most people ever make in their lives is just plain sensible. Don’t be afraid of hiring an attorney to make sure everything goes smoothly. Despite the creativity of ethical professionals, there might be roadblocks, and no one reputable will be upset if you hire an attorney.


Choosing a REALTOR to Sell Your Home

bad real estate agents

bad real estate agents

How Do You Know that You are Working with the Best Realtor?

This is an excellent question since there are so many REALTORS out there. Just because your brothers, cousins, gardener’s son is a real estate agent — doesn’t mean you should use them. Selling a home is often a stressful process – not only do you have to give up the place you have lived, loved and raised your family, but the process itself, if it goes wrong, can cost you thousands of dollars.  For most people, a home sale is the most expensive transaction you will make in your lifetime.   This means that you should choose a REALTOR carefully and to do that, you have to know what you are looking for.


The best REALTORS are patient. They take the time to understand what you want out of the transaction so that they can ensure that you have a good experience throughout.  The best REALTORS put your own financial well being before their own.  This is called a Fiduciary Responsibility.  They will make sure that your home is properly valued and if isn’t they will advise you on what you should do about it.

To come up with that value, they do a CMA, look at other, similar homes that have sold in your area, review the local real estate market and provide you a price.  The best REALTORS will usually provide multiple prices that your home could sell at — from staying on the market for some time to “fire sale” prices.  There is a direct correlation time and home prices –

You can sell your home in 24 hours if your price it well below market value.

Communication with your REALTOR

Good REALTORS also communicate with their clients on a regular basis. They will ask you how you prefer that they get in touch with you for updates – there are some people who like to know everything as it is happening, while there are others who prefer a brief communication at the end of the day.  When you look at the best Realtors in any major city they will ask you how YOU choose to be communicated with.  Do you want daily e-mails?  Phone calls?  Maybe you want your updates by text message.

Availability of your REALTOR

Truth is, if you call 100 real estate agents, you will usually get 95 voice mails.  Before listing your home with an agent, ask them what is their availability.  Do they work weekends and holidays?  What is the latest they will take phone calls?  Don’t be discouraged if they have some limitations — as most agents will promise you the world, and then simply not be available when you have a question.   The best REALTORS do have some personal time restrictions, just as anyone would.

Real Estate Education

All licensed real estate agents have gone through some level of real estate education in an effort to get their license.  In most states, in addition to the real estate classes necessary to get a license, many also need post-licensing classes as well as yearly continuing education.

These are the basics!  NAR provides a variety of designations, which require additional training to acquire.   Keep in mind, having REALTOR designations and certifications such as GRI or ABI doesn’t (in itself) means you are dealing with a better agent – what it does is shows that your REALTOR cares about honing their trade.  They understand that knowledge makes them a better agent.  Ask your potential agent what additional designations or certifications they have.

Real Estate Technology

The best REALTORS have invested heavily in real estate technology.  Keeping up with the most current tech trends within the real estate industry will be very useful when marketing a home, showing a home or even basic communication.

With technology playing such a large part in any real estate transaction today, your agent should have all of the necessary tools and services to market your property correctly as well as provide convenience factors such as electronic signatures.

  • Does your REALTOR have a website?
  • Is it simply their broker’s website or is it there own?
  • Does it rank well in the search engines?
  • Does it get traffic from buyers looking to purchase a home?
  • What do you find if you Google your agent’s name?

With the majority of buyers starting their real estate search online, the best REALTORS have a solid web presence with a well-designed website.  They should have a page for each major city or community they represent.  Here is an example of a real estate team who have dedicated pages for their main two real estate markets….Savannah and Pooler.

This is their dedicated Savannah real estate page.

This is their dedicated Pooler real estate page. 

If you are looking at a real estate agent’s website – make sure they have a dedicated page for the city or community that YOU live in.

Representing Both Buyers and Sellers

The best REALTOR will represent both buyers and sellers so that he can help his clients complete their transactions fast. This is called dual agency.  Most home sellers expect their real estate agent to bring them a buyer.  Dual agency simply lets the same agent who is listing your home, represent the seller too.

Some feel that opens the door to an agent being unscrupulous – but remember, REALTORS have a fiduciary responsibility to you.  If your realtor has clients who are looking to buy all he has to do is let them know that your home is available for sale – if it suits the needs of one of them then your sale is complete.  REALTORS that end up on “both sides” of the transaction (representing both the buyer and seller) have much more control over the sale.

Getting to the Closing Table

Some REALTORS don’t show up to the closing.  That should NEVER happen!  If your real estate agent is scheduled for a vacation to Aruba, they still should show up at the closing.

Needless to say, some agents will disagree with that stance, but the truth is…they signed up for that.  In most instances, they scheduled the closing date. There are many things that can go wrong on closing day — your REALTOR should be there.


There are many things that make up a good REALTOR.  Don’t underestimate how important it is to choose your REALTOR wisely.  Remember – Just because your brothers, cousins, gardener’s son is a real estate agent — doesn’t mean you should use them.  Ask the right questions – Its the largest financial transaction of your life!